round 2 starts july 27th, for 11 special women that are seeking more freedom...

Do you suffer from anxiety, low self-esteem or panic attacks?


Do you mostly suffer in silence and struggle to share what you really think and feel?

Do you feel like you have tried everything, and have no idea what to do?

Do you find yourself having negative thoughts about who you are and compare yourself to those around you, do you sometimes feel inadequate?

Do you find it hard to get up in the morning, excited for the day?

Do you wish, more than anything in this world, that you could change this, for your family, your friends and for your future?


 Firstly, there is nothing wrong with you.

You are already whole, complete, and good.

You are worth turning all of this around, promise.


You are in the perfect place, at the perfect time, and I have a solution for you.


6 week 'free your ANXIETY + blossom' GROUP TRANSFORMATION program

for 11 young women in Western Sydney, Wollondilly and Southern highlands

(term 3) july 27th to 7th september / my yoga space, thirlmere (Wollondilly)

+ Free your own pain, anxiety and panic attacks naturally

+ CONFIDentlY act towards your true desires without overwhelm

+ get the tools to not just cope with life - blossom toward your greatness


Im interested, but is this for me?

fill out the form at the link below, and chat to amy!

Imagine, for a moment, you could learn how to free your worst emotional pain and discomfort, and turn it into your ultimate blossoming.

Imagine turning it into crazy potential, and power – even turning it into GREATNESS.

Imagine unlocking your purpose for living, and really beginning to LIVE IT.

This is what LADY POWERS is all about!

Imagine that all the answers are within you, I believe they are.

There are no special pills, no crazy diets, no hectic wellness schedule, no repetitive rounds of outdated therapy.

This is specifically for young women, who want to learn from other young women that have overcome their struggles and turned them into powerful gifts that create positive change.

It is new age, relevant, and revolutionary.



Hi, I'm Amy from She's Grace!

I’ve spent my twenties and earlier years of life growing my toolkit to help myself to do exactly this – free my pain, overcome it and become empowered by it.

I left my corporate career after 3 years of study and 8 years 'successfully' climbing the corporate ladder, to become a deeply committed Healing & Transformation Practitioner of Energy & Soul Medicine.

I’ve become a Guide and Mentor to women just like you.

I’ve become a passionate Yoga Teacher that teaches the Inner Arts of slow vinyasa flow and meditation that heals - in a simple, easy-to-get way.

I get that my deepest moments of pain, suffering and depression were all necessary for me to unlock and free my true voice, my burning passion, and my purpose for being alive on earth. I stay devoted to my personal healing journey, because it helps me to become more free and alive. 

I get that my powers and gifts come from my pain. 

Here’s my promise to you, if you commit to this 6-week 'Free your ANXIETY + BLOSSOM' program:


+ You will find answers to why you are the way you are

+ You will learn how to free your own pain, anxiety and panic attacks

+ You will learn how to nourish and calm your nervous system

+ You will connect with other like-minded young women that get you and support you

+ You will feel feelings of sustained freedom, joy, peace and love

+ You will discover your strength, courage and passion to make changes easily

+ You will learn how to listen, understand and acknowledge your real inner voice

+ You will leave with an action plan on how to act towards your true desires and goals

+ You will leave with the tools to manage the natural ups and downs of life, so you never return to your old ways again



+ You will hear directly from, and be supported by, my clients who have been personally guided by me, into their mastery, GREATNESS and newfound aliveness.


How do I know if this is for me?

Are You Ready For Your Next Level?

I am ready for my next level of growth

I am ready to take control of my emotions

I am ready to courageously take action toward my desires

I am ready to take personal responsibility for my actions

I am ready to feel fully supported

I am ready to enjoy my life

I am ready to try something new

I am ready to do the work that’s required


If this is you, if you are ready for all of the above, talk to Amy and get clear on whats possible with this program (don't let there be any barriers to your growth)

One leap of faith can change the whole course of your life! I know that first hand!



here's what we'll cover:

6 steps to free your anxiety + blossom:

Week 1: Calm your Body and Mind - calm your nervous system, it's stressed!

Week 2: Feel what you feel – learn how to safely feel your emotions, receive the healing and become lighter

Week 3: Unlock the secrets of your body - discover the keys, lessons & insights from your pain

Week 4: Discover your hidden lady powers - identify the gifts on the other side of your pain

Week 5: Blossom toward your greatness – courageous welcome your blossoming, discover your purpose for living

Week 6: You're on your Heroes Journey now! - reflect on what you've overcome, take inspired action forward!


HERE'S WHAT IT lookS like:


* Slow yoga for all levels, specifically designed to calm your nervous system and prepare you for gentle healing and positive change, perfect for first timers!

* Meditation, breath work and visualisation exercises - no skills necessary (this is why you are here!)

* Safely feeling sensations within the body and working with simple energy medicine techniques (from someone who has been there)

* Journaling & completing workbook tasks

* Group sharing & making connections


apply for your adventure below!

But first, check that you are free for a minimum of 4 of the workshop  dates here (or over at facebook here)


standard option:

'free your anxiety & blossom' 6 week program



extra 1:1 support option:

 6 week program PLUS 4 sessions of personal healing & mentoring



discuss your options with amy, make it so much easier!

Book in a 20 minute call with Amy to get some clarity on the best choice for you or your loved one, you will have your questions answered & put your curiosities at ease.

how important is it for you to make a change right now? 

I have gained so much more mental clarity, self confidence and a strong desire to move forward with how I want to feel and what I wish to create within my life.

Through the guidance of this program, I have come to know that my emotions are powerful tools and signposts to help me trust in my own abilities and potential. I am so grateful to have been a part of the 6 weeks together with other amazing women!
— Ruth, My Yoga Space

100% Guarantee

This program takes full trust, dedication and openness to really desire to free yourself and move into your greatness, for real. I want this program to work for you just as you want it to work for you and I am 100% devoted to making that happen, but it is 100% up to you. It is your responsibility to show up for yourself. If however, you don't feel the program has worked for you, and you have completed every week workshop and additional workbook tasks, and still don't feel convinced in the power of the program - I will happily refund 100% of your investment. I believe in this work completely, so I don't believe this will happen, but I honour my clients and will respect your decision.